Let It Snow: T & E Winter Road Trip

Those of you who follow us on Instagram or Facebook may have recently noticed that we are no longer in tropical Asia and are instead in the midst of a very snowy adventure. Well, you’re right on! After our adventures in Taiwan and other parts of Asia, the next big chunk of our next six months is a roughly two-and-a-half month snowboarding road trip around the western US and Canada.

Teresa on the steeps at Lake Louise Ski Resort, Alberta, Canada

For several years, we’ve had our eyes on the Mountain Collective pass as a way to diversify our snowboarding diet beyond the mountains available in our local areas of Colorado or California. Unlike traditional passes, which offer access to a single mountain or a group of nearby mountains, the Mountain Collective pass includes two days of lift tickets at each of 16 resorts in US, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, plus some additional locations in Japan, Chile, and France. While the price has always seemed like a good value (we paid the early-bird price of $460, while a one-day ticket at the member resorts can easily run $100+), we’ve never been ready to commit the $$$ and/or time to the travel necessary to take advantage of all the resorts included. Well, we don’t currently have jobs, but we do have a Subaru with winter tires and a roof box. So…road trip!

We are currently off on a big loop, trying to string together as many of the Mountain Collective resorts as we can, while hitting other ski resorts and backcountry areas as we go. Our updates may just be quick check-ins on our progress, specific reports on our backcountry snowboarding tours, or our own mini-highlight videos. As with our Taiwan cycling tour, this summary page will serve as a way to access all of our updates along the way. We will also keep the calendar below up-to-date in case we happen to be crossing paths with you along the way!


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