Snowshoeing Lost Lake

Tempted by the description and relatively easy directions mentioned in this article, I decided to snowshoe Lost Lake yesterday. I went Cheryl Strayed (embarking solo, looking to find myself) because Emerson’s puny immune system preferred to stay at home and lame away. More importantly, it was my last weekend of the New Years vacation and I refused to waste it.

Driving into Eldora, I watched trees boogie non-stop. The wind was ferocious– supporting the 65-75 mph wind gusts that local weather stations reported– and turned putting on additional layers and trekking to the trailhead formidable tasks in and of themselves. I wanted to turn around then. The wind knocked the wind out of me (as if they wanted to reclaim their own) and stopped me in my tracks on regular intervals. I kept going only because I believed it couldn’t get worse.

Usually in award winning literature, this would be the part where I describe how things do get worst. My life isn’t that thrilling though and things became much more manageable once I reached the Hessie Trailhead tucked amid denser trees and shrubs. The wind didn’t completely go away but it did turn less violent. I continued on a steady trek towards Lost Lake, pausing a few times to relocate windblown tracks as well as my breathe. After a short while on an forested, uphill trail, the lake appeared.

The lake was beautiful! My phone camera can’t handle winter so you’ll just have to take my word for it. The lake was completely iced over, allowing a small handful of other snowshoers to casually stroll and loiter on it. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, probably at ease after finding the Lost Lake in serious winter conditions. Behind the lake rested a smooth, snow covered peak where many great turns could be earned. I wanted to spend hours there, exploring, basking in the view, but the (Rey)’Nauds kicked in. With throbbing, worthless fingers and consequent club hands, I packed up and started heading back.

The round-trip took me about 3 hours so I assume it’ll take less in non-tornado weather. If you’re looking for a casual, snowshoe stroll, I highly recommend going to Lost Lake.

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